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Product features:

-Body Material: Plastic

-Handle Material: Plastic

Detailed information about the Manual Kebab Apparatus

Manual Kebab Apparatus is a tool can make you that kebab professionally at home and at picnic. Anything you want to mix meat (mutton,hamburger,chicken,turkey,ostrich,camel,duck or…).

The kebab should be around 120 grams (-5grm + 5grm) so that the minced meat doesn’t fall off the skewer. You can buy the tool on our website on internet or directly inquire with our factory.

One of the most important features of the Manual Kebab Apparatus is to ensure the strength of meat in the skewer without need for the additives such as baking powder,eggs and flour. These additives reduce the flavor characteristic of the added to make the kebab meat sticky. You will get the original kebab flavor with Manual Kebab Apparatus.

Other features of the Manual Kebab Apparatus are that it is made of metal,it is with used die-casting technology and the refrigerator bag doesn’t smell after use for first time,and all parts are washable. You will get a healthy the Manual with kebab Kebab Apparatus.

For more information,just leave us a message. We will get back to you immediately.

Adana Kebab Recipe:

1Kg of Beef

150-200g Meat fat

Red Fresh pepper 2-3 pcs

10-20g Salt (One Dessert Spoon)

10-20g Red Chilli Powder (Hot)

25-30g Red Powdered Pepper (Less Dark)

Preparation of Kebab Mortar:

1Kg of Beef will be minced with 150-200 Grams of Meat Oil and 10 Minutes with an armor knife. (It may be pulled in a meat grinder.)

2-3 pieces of Red Fresh Pepper will be chopped the with help of a knife and the juice will be squeezed out.

Juiced red fresh peppers will be mixed with meat.

Mixed meat and peppers will be chopped again with an armor knife for about 5-7 minutes.

After the chopping process is completed,Ground Pepper,Salt and Red Chilli Powder will be added.

Meat and spices will be mixed with the help of hand.

Your kebab mix is ready will be and rested in the refrigerator for one hour.

It should be rested for 1 hour in the freezer in Skewers.

To prevent the Kebab mixture from spilling into the Grill.

It can be washed by hand the with help of a sponge. Don’t clean with wire and brush

Easy to use and no assembly required

Portable and takes up little space

Suitable for use at home,picnic and businesses

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Model Number

Plastic Type



Easily Cleaned



Tool Type







Mainland China

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Feature 1

Barbecue Skewers

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Feature 3

BBQ Accessories

Feature 4

bbq meat skewer maker


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